Maryna Turturika

Maryna Turturika

Founder & Instructor, Recreational & Competitive Program.

Dance2Win Program was born out of Maryna’s passion for dance, teaching and for her students’ success. 

Maryna is a highly experienced Ballet & Contemporary Dance Teacher, Choreographer and Gymnastics Coach.

Maryna’s dance career began at the age of 4 in Ukraine, when she took various styles of dance as well as gymnastics classes. As Maryna’s skills improved, she joined numerous dance troupes and participated, as a soloist and group dancer in numerous competitions and professional performances around the world (TV & theatre) including Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Turkey and Albania. The WOW show, (similar to Canadian Cirque du Soleil) that Maryna was part of, while in Israel, lasted for 3 seasons.

Prior to coming to Canada, Maryna achieved certification in the Vaganova ballet methodology,  and a Choreographer’s Diploma Summa Cum Laude in Theatre & Arts College in Ukraine, with Degree as Ballet Teacher, Choreographer & Ballet Dancer. Maryna also received a Choreographer’s Diploma from the National Academy for Leaders of Culture & Arts in Ukraine, with Degree as Choreographer, Teacher of Modern Dance Ensemble & Specialized Courses Teacher (such as Classical Ballet Dance, Pointe, Classical Duet Dance, Virtuoso Techniques, Character Dance, Folkloric Stage Dance/Ukrainian Dances, Modern Dance/Contemporary Technique, Ballroom Dance, Sports Dance). 

Upon arrival to Vancouver Canada, Maryna furthered her dance/gymnastics training by obtaining WAG NCCP Level 2 Certification, Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach. She went on to establish the highly successful Dance2Win Program in Vancouver, a program she now continues in Vaughan. 

Maryna has taught at some of the most reputable dance studios in the city.  Her name is well recognized in the industry. She is in high demand, as a highly qualified and exceptionally dedicated teacher, coach and choreographer. Dance2Win Program continues to thrive as a result of Maryna’s passionate work.