Jazz Ballet

Jazz Ballet dance originated from the African American vernacular dances of late 1800 to the mid-1900. An early popular "jazz dancer" was vaudeville star Joe Frisco in the 1910s.He danced in a loose-limbed style close to the ground, with eccentric steps, and juggled his derby and cigar... Until the middle of 1950s, the term " jazz dance" often referred to tap dance, because tap dancing ( set to jazz music) was main performance dance of the era. During the latter jazz era, popular forms of jazz dance were Cakewalk, Black Bottom, Charleston, jitterbug, Boogie Woogie, Swing and Lindy Hop. After the 1950s, pioneers such Katherine Dunham took the essence of Caribbean traditional dance and made it into performing art. The performance style was popularized by Bob Fosse's works on Broadway such as Chicago, Cabaret, Damn Yankees and The Pijama Game.

Jazz dance remains an essential part of musical theater choreography. Jazz Ballet can be seen in music videos, and even Las Vegas showgirls are jazz dancers.